Monday, January 11, 2010

rediscovered love

So, it has been a very long time since I have listened to the White Album but the other day while we were working Mike wanted to hear the Rocky Racoon, so I put it on and found, again, Long, Long, Long. Oh how I love this song!!!! Seriously, it is LOVE!!!! Here are the words and here is where you can listen to it....

It's been a long long long time,
How could I ever have lost you
When I loved you.

It took a long long long time
Now I'm so happy I found you
How I love you

So many tears I was searching,
So many tears I was wasting, oh. Oh--

Now I can see you, be you
How can I ever misplace you
How I want you
Oh I love you
You know that I need you.
Ooh I love you.

ETA: Mike also wanted me to put up Rocky Racoon, but the coolest one I could find was Phish singing it. Mike LOVES Phish, so here you go! :)

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